Carnival in Bermuda
Carnival in Bermuda

Revel De Road

Revel de Road, formerly known as the Parade of Bands, is a procession of dancing masqueraders that will dazzle spectators with their vibrant colors, dazzling costumes and infectious energy. Revel De Road is typically an 10-hour event that will take place on Carnival Monday in the afternoon. For those visiting our island, this is an event you do not want to miss!

This event is all about celebrating culture with a lively parade filled with colorful costumes, dancing in the streets and incredible music.

The excitement and anticipation is real! You can ‘Play Mas’ and join one of our masquerade bands (i.e. get a costume and dance with the bands). We look forward to you joining us here in Bermuda as we plan to #RevelDeRoad!

To participate in the parade and Play Mas, CLICK HERE to see how you can purchase a costume and experience Carnival in Bermuda – the road experience.

Yes, to be in the parade a costume or t-shirt package must be purchased from one of our listed bands. This amazing all-inclusive experience includes your costume/clothing, meals, unlimited access to alcohol and beverages all day, elite entertainment and access to the after-party experience!

Minimum age to join the bands and after parties is 18+