Carnival in Bermuda

Revel De Road

Date: June 19, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Parade locations:
City of Hamilton and Outer areas, North Shore, Pembroke & Devonshire Parishes
Revel After Party: BAA (Bermuda Athletic Association) Field (private for Masqueraders ONLY)

Revel de Road, formerly known as the Parade of Bands, is a procession of dancing masqueraders that will dazzle spectators with their vibrant colors, dazzling costumes and infectious energy. Revel De Road is an 11-hour event that will take place on Monday, June 19th from 12:00pm to 11:00pm. For those visiting our island, this is an event you do not want to miss!

This event is all about celebrating culture with a lively parade filled with colorful costumes, dancing in the streets and incredible music.

The excitement and anticipation is real! You can ‘Play Mas’ and join one of our masquerade bands (i.e. get a costume and dance with the bands). We look forward to you joining us here in Bermuda as we plan to #RevelDeRoad!

To participate in the parade and Play Mas, CLICK HERE to see how you can purchase a costume and experience Carnival in Bermuda – the road experience.

Yes, to be in the parade a costume or t-shirt package must be purchased from one of our listed bands. This amazing all-inclusive experience includes your costume/clothing, meals, unlimited access to alcohol and beverages all day, elite entertainment and access to the after-party experience!

Minimum age to join the bands and after parties: 18+
To join a band and wear a costume on de road, visit:

Sponsored by The Government of Bermuda, Bermuda Tourism Authority and City of Hamilton.

Revel De Road


Where will Revel De Road take place?
The event (a procession of the bands) will take place throughout Pembroke and Devonshire parishes, within the central Bermuda, in and around the City of Hamilton and Northshore Road..

Where is the parking for masqueraders?
Park at Bulls Head Car Park, and make their way to Victoria Park. Shuttle services will run from Victoria Park from 12 to 2pm

I’m an international patron, how can I get to the parade?
The location of the parade routes is situated centrally, which makes it easily accessible by public and private transportation! You can travel there easily by bus, minibus, taxi or vehicle. Remember, it’s a public holiday so ensure you refer to the correct schedule if you’re using public transportation.

To see our many transportation options, visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s website for detailed info Getting Around Bermuda | Go To Bermuda

What are the bands involved in the parade this year?
Two mas bands (Party People Entertainment and NOVA Mas International) will combine to do one moving procession. To learn more about them or join them, visit OUR BANDS

What is the parade route?
Scroll up to see the maps of the route for a visual. Here is the route:

● (1st Stop/Lap) Start: Dundonald St. Victoria Park start – Procession will start and make its way along Cedar Avenue, left on Cedar Ave – Right on to Marsh Folly Road straight along Palmetto Road until it gets to the roundabout out by the incinerator (Barkers Hill), near Palmetto Park.

● (2nd Stop/Lap) Left onto Northshore Road – Left on Black Watch Pass, Right on Marsh Folly – Right on Cedar Ave to Victoria Park.


● (3rd Stop/Last Lap) Patrons will make their way from Victoria Street onto Wesley Street, then turn right onto Church Street, and then head to BAA from Par La Ville Road.

● After Party at BAA: Will only be for our masqueraders. Nobody else will be allowed entry.

What is the bathroom access like on the road?
There will be portable toilets behind the procession.

What will happen at the event?
For paid patrons, the full Revel de Road experience will consist of our breath-taking carnival masqueraders in beautiful costumes parading, dancing and singing along the route. We will have many DJs local and international entertaining everyone in big trucks as they pass through the streets. You don’t want to miss this event as part of your Carnival in Bermuda experience!

For spectators, capture your loved ones having a blast–Take lots of photos, videos and sing and dance along as the procession passes your spectator spot. Spectators will pick a spot, pop a tent or umbrella, chairs and camp out there all day with family and friends to watch the parade. They will typically take their drinks, food and snacks and enjoy the camaraderie amongst each other.

Is there a cost for being a spectator and watching the parade?
No, just like any public parade/event, you are allowed to watch us along the route. Yes, this is FREE entertainment; However, for the full Carnival in Bermuda experience, we recommend that you purchase a costume or t-shirt package from one of the listed bands, see options here: OUR BANDS

Can I dance with the bands in the streets if I don’t have a package?
No, if you are not a part of one of the two bands NOVA Mas or Party People Entertainment, and not staff, you will need to remain along the roadside to watch. While we encourage you to dance on the sidewalks, we ask that boundaries are respected and DO NOT break the lines and dance within the roads amongst the masqueraders. Again, please ensure security teams and barriers are respected. This is to ensure the paid patrons, the masqueraders, get their full “monies worth“ and the road experience that is expected.

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