Carnival in Bermuda

Raft Up


How can I get to the raft Up?
The raft up will take place in a location that is accessible by boat only!

Can I come By Land?
There would be no access via land!

I am an International Patron, How can I attend?
Carnival In Bermuda has teamed up with respected event organizers who have chartered party boats for the event. International Patrons can book to access one of the charted party vessels.

Is there a cost for the Raft Up?
There is no cost if you own a boat and want to attend. If you do not own a boat you can still attend by paying to get on a chartered boat. We have provided two such options.

I Cannot Swim. Can I still attend the event?
Depending on the tide and your height there will be an area that would allow you to participate without having to swim. We advise that you discuss with your charter boat if they will have a shuttle boat to get you to the shallow area. Please note that the height of the area will depend on the tide at the time.

Where will the Raft Up Take Place?
The Raft Up will take place at Mangrove Bay.

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